Curriculum Vitae
Nationality: French

Academic Jobs:
  • September 2006 - today: Maître de Conférence (French equivalent of associate professor) at the University of Versailles-St Quentin.
  • November 2004 - August 2006: post-doctoral research associate at the Climate System Center, at the Department of the Geophysical Sciences of the University of Chicago, USA.
Academic Activities:
  • Reviewer for: Journal of Climate, IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, Climate Dynamics, Journal of Geosphysical Research-Atmosphere
  • Supervision and co-supervision of Master and PhD Students:
    • V. Nouchi (Master student, march-sept 2012, collab with Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
    • R. Sivira (Master 2 student and then PhD student, May 2010-present)
    • R. Guzman (Master 2 student, LATMOS, march-june 2009)
    • C. Junquas (Master 2 student, CETP, march-june 2008)
    • C. Lemaitre (Master 2 student, CETP, march-june 2007)
    • + supervision of Licence 3 and Master 1 students
Committee memberships:
  • 2010- : Users committee of the ICARE thematic center
  • 2010-2012 : Member of the "Award of scientific excellence" committee of UVSQ.
  • 2011- : Scientific committee of the LEFE-IMAGO ("Interactions Multiples Atmosphère, Glace, Océan") of INSU/CNRS
  • 2012- : Education committee of the Labex L-IPSL (IPSL)
  • November 2004: Ph.D. thesis in Physics of Remote Sensing (Paris 6 University): "African Free Tropospheric Humidity: Elaboration of a METEOSAT archive, Climatic analysis and Evaluation of models". Made at the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (LMD), under the direction of L. Picon and R. Roca.
  • 2001: DEA (French equivalent of the 2nd year of the Master degree) in Physics of remote sensing at the Paris 6 University.
    DEA internship (4 months) at the LMD on the high resolution of METEOSAT water vapor observations and the retrieval of humidity (resp. R. Roca).
  • 2000: Maîtrise (French equivalent of the 1st year of the Master degree) in Physics at the Lille 1 University.
    Maîtrise internship (4 months) at the Virginia Tech University, USA, on the radiative properties of thermal detectors for spatial instruments (resp. R. Mahan).
  • 1999: Licence (French equivalent of the B.Sc.) in Physics at the Lille 1 University.
    Licence internship (1 month) at Lille 1 on non-linear effects in optical fibers.
  • 1998: DEUG (French degree, undergraduate) in Science and Technologie, spec. in Science of Mater at the Lille 1 University.
  • 1996: Baccalaureat S (French degree before College) at Lycée R. Queneau (Villeneuve d'Ascq, Nord).
Computer Skills:
  • Scientific programmation/softwares : Fortran (77, 90), IDL, R, Python, Ferret.
  • Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS.